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Requirements of high-quality product manufacturing industry for machine tools

February 21, 2023

Latest company case about Requirements of high-quality product manufacturing industry for machine tools

  The manufacturing technology of high-quality products in the world is changing with each passing day, and the requirements for machine tool technology are becoming higher and higher. The new machine tool required is qualitatively different from the traditional equipment. The development of machine tool technology is mainly manifested in the development and application of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated manufacturing systems, and is developing towards manufacturing intelligence. The development of machine tool technology is characterized by technology integration; The development characteristics of products are high value-added, intelligent and systematic; The development of system management is characterized by integration (including system integration, software integration, technology integration and interface integration) and networking. The flexible production line composed of CNC machine tools has become the focus of the current demand, and has put forward five requirements for machine tools. International Mold Network
1. Higher flexibility
  Equipment flexibility: the development and application of numerical control technology enables the machine tool to complete a variety of processing, which is conducive to achieving batch production, reducing inventory costs, improving equipment utilization and shortening the processing cycle.
  Flexible material transportation: the material transportation equipment can transport a variety of materials with high availability and utilization.
  Manufacturing process flexibility: the manufacturing process can produce multiple products at the same time, with mixed ratio flexibility, and improve customer satisfaction by providing diversified products.
  Operation flexibility: workpieces with different processing technologies can be processed in various ways, and it is easy to realize dynamic scheduling in case of machine failure.
2. High production efficiency
Production efficiency is an important indicator of enterprise production capacity. High-speed machine tools have been widely used in high-precision product manufacturing and mold manufacturing. High productivity requires the machine tool to have high movement and feeding speed, meet the requirements of large cutting amount processing, and the auxiliary time should be short.
3. Good accuracy
High-quality products need high-precision machine tool processing, and high-precision requires not only high positioning accuracy and repeatability of the machine tool, but also strong engineering ability, so as to ensure stable accuracy of the processed products and good consistency of product dimensional accuracy. To achieve good accuracy, the machine tool not only needs to use sophisticated mechanical structures such as spindle system, transmission system, guide system, but also needs to use reliable control system and online detection technology.
4. High reliability
It is very important for the manufacturing industry of high-quality products to ensure the consistency and fault-free of the manufacturing process. If the reliability of the machine tool is not good, it cannot create value for users or its value is not high.
5. Strict environmental protection requirements
Adopt low energy consumption and low noise driving device; Machining with little or no cutting fluid; The cutting fluid transits from oil-based to water-based; Set safety protection device; Promote centralized cooling and lubrication system; Ensure that no leakage occurs.

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