Mold parts and accessories inductive classification

February 9, 2023

Latest company news about Mold parts and accessories inductive classification

1、Classification of moulds


1). Open die: blanking parts with simple structure, small size, light weight, easy manufacturing, low cost, low service life, poor accuracy, low accuracy requirements, simple start, small batch or trial production.
2). Guide plate type: higher precision than open die, suitable for blanking parts with simple start and small workpiece size. The press stroke is required to be no greater than the thickness of the guide plate.
3). Guide pillar type: guide pillar guide ensures uniform blanking clearance, high workpiece size accuracy of blanking parts, long die service life, convenient installation, and suitable for mass production.
4). Continuous die: the strip requires accurate positioning to ensure the accuracy of the position between the inner hole and the contour. High productivity, certain blanking accuracy, suitable for mass production.
5). Compound die: the internal and external shape of blanking parts have high precision in mutual position, which is suitable for mass production.


2、Mold parts and accessories inductive classification


1). "Plastic mold: plastic mold accessories, plastic mold non-standard parts, flat tip, double section shoot, square flat tip, cylinder, shoot tube, guide sleeve, release guide column, guide sleeve, guide post, mold, inclined tip, positioning column, support SPN, nozzle, auxiliary device, guide post auxiliary device, T-type auxiliary device. Thimble, slider, punch, core, core. Flat thimble, supporting pin, guideline, Shaped punch pin, fixed tip, precision guide post, Straight guide sleeve, Flange guide sleeve, jet plate guide post, pull tip, point gate cover, gate cover, Bushing. Small water and air standard special nozzle bushing, large water standard nozzle bushing, mold date stamp, fixed block, switch, mold button, guide tip, top push tip, front end machining straight tip, steel ball sleeve, positioning bead, positioning ring, shooting tip, plastic mold parts, cavity, PIN pin, precision guide post -, shooting board guide post, recombination spool screw type pen model core

2). Stamping die: stamping die accessories. Stamping die non-standard parts, punch, guide tip, punch, concave die, top rod, float tip, child and mother punch, positioning guide tip, shoulder punch, punch type punch, push rod, punch block, liner, taper punch, square punch, buffer tip, fixed tip. Circuit board punch, female die bushing, three level punch, section die, external guide post assembly, guide post assembly, stripper guide post, stripper ball guide sleeve, copper titanium alloy guide sleeve, all kinds of SDK11,SKH51,ASP, tungsten steel punch, optical grinding processing, non-standard processing. Stamping die parts, non-standard punch, hexagonal countersunk punch, special-shaped needle multi-stage special-shaped punch, Three level extraction needle, semicircle convex punch, semicircle convex punch, Stripper guide Sleeve - Steel ball Sleeve, SA type special shoulder punch, Point gate with shoulder, cone punch. Water drop type quick change punch, steel ball guide sleeve for die holder, top material female punch, stripper guide sleeve - oil feed type, water plunger, resin closing device, front end machining straight tip, pneumatic thimble, sliding guide sleeve for die holder - oil, spiral water sleeve, air tip, opener and opener, Washer, top push tip, guide post auxiliary, guide tip ejector, guide fixing block, guide auxiliary, Stripper guide sleeve and steel ball sleeve, extraction punch.

3). "Hardware mold: straight push rod, hardware mold accessories, flat push rod, step push rod. Center pin, push tube, straight core, positioning ring, pull pin, bolt pull rod, die core, regulating rod, deep float guide, blow pin, punch rod, press pin, support rod, flat push rod, gate related parts, guide positioning parts, inclined guide column, locking block, inclined guide rod, pull pin, inclined type pull sleeve, pull pin fixing ring, gate pull pin, supporting column, conical positioning pin assembly, Core guide bar, ejector bar, step core, hardware die parts, special punch, fan punch. Die punch, punch punch, hardware die punch, hex insert, round head punch

4). Die casting mold: die casting mold rod, die casting mold, die casting mold accessories, die casting mold push rod, die casting mold core, die casting mold nitriding straight push rod, die rod, die casting mold spare parts, slider, precision gasket, guide slider, precision tip, spare parts, core guide rod, reset rod, push plate guide column guide sleeve, fixed module, top module, top out rod, secondary guide needle, guide pin.

5). Cosmetics mold, pen mold: pen holder, pen, cosmetics, pen ink, pen holder, pen refill, cosmetic packaging, plastic packaging, cosmetic accessories. Cosmetic accessories, cosmetic core, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic cap, pencil core mold. Precision screw grinding

6). Processing methods: discharge, turning, milling, grinding, drilling, pressing, planing, precision molding, screw grinding, slow wire, line cutting, inner and outer diameter cylinder grinding, clamping tool design and production. Computer, Electrical connector connector: Insert, square piece, connector, connector.

7). "tungsten steel series is roughly divided into: tungsten steel drawing die, insert, punch, shaped die core, bushing, tungsten steel forming punch, needle gauge, round rod, extraction punch, all kinds of precision special-shaped punch, bushing, etc.

8). Other square parts: Shaped insert needle, square parts, wear-resistant block. Die lock. Shovel base. Row lock. Self moistening wear-resisting block (high strength copper and graphite), no oil feed self moistening guide sleeve, etc., can be DME,HASCO, coil up, Japan Datong, Long Ji, etc

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